Student Supply List

  • Grade 2 Supply List

    1 box of crayons (18 limit)
    package of fine tip markers (not broad tips) 
    package of 10 plain #2 pencils ( 2 sharpened for the first day of school)
    plastic pencil box (81/2 by 51/2)
    1 clipboard
    1 dry erase board (9x12) and 1 set of dry erase markers assorted colors & 1 sock to erase
    2 highlighters  yellow only
    2 large glue sticks to pool white only
    2 large boxes of tissues
    1 pair of scissors labeled with name
    1 small bottle of purel
    Large pink erasers (two limit)
    1 box gallon size Ziploc bags (girls only)
    1 box sandwich Ziploc bags (boys only) 
    Metric and Linear ruler (labeled with name)
    3 Pocket size folders
    No elmers glue or pencil sharpeners please
    1 Pocket dictionary The Kingfisher Illustrated Dictionary (available at Barrington Book Store)
    1 pkg of baby wipes
    Please be prepared to replenish new crayons and markers in January