Year of Mercy 2016
    "Be merciful, just as your Father
      is merciful."
                                         ~ Luke 6:36
  • Religion 8
    As we begin the new school year we are mindful of Pope Francis' call for us to be merciful to one another.  Together we will continue to explore the meaning of mercy and seek to practice it in our relationships with ourselves, others, and the natural world.
    In Religion 8, students study the history of the Catholic Church, from its very beginning when Jesus named Peter to lead His Church, to the present-day global Church, led by Pope Francis. Students seek to understand the traditions and noteworthy people, places, and events of the Catholic Church within the context of periods in world history.  
    Students also prepare for and take the Diocesan sponsored Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE) exam which is administered in grades 5 & 8 and tests for students' knowledge of the Catholic faith and its beliefs, practices, and traditions.  This exam takes place in February.
    Other important elements of the Religion 8 program are Family Life and Circle of Grace lessons, our preschool buddy program, Christian service projects, student-body  leadership, reflective journaling, and faith retreats.