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    The Boston Museum of Science Traveling Program!
    The Boston Museum of Science Traveling Program returned to St. Luke's School October 1-3, 2014.  The traveling program offered interactive and unique science learning experiences taught by professional museum educators on-site at SLS! This year's program included Animal Habitats (Gr K/2), Life Cycles (Gr 1/3), Electromagnetism (Gr 4), States of Matter (Gr 5) and Cryogenics (Gr 6-8).   Ask your kids about it!  Click here to see how much fun science can be!
    Discovery Education Video Streaming
    The PTO is funding the school’s Discovery Education videostreaming subscription again this year!! This service gives SLS teachers and students access to over 50,000 videos from more than 150 educational publishers including the Discovery Channel, the BBC, PBS and NASA.
    The user id’s have stayed the same.  In case you’ve misplaced your account info or are new to the school this year, all the user id’s follow the same formula:  student’s first initial + last name + sls.   So, if your child is Jane Doe, her user id is “jdoesls” and her password is “stlukes”.  Any questions, please contact Karen Lico at klico@stlukesri.org.
    As with all internet-based resources, parental supervision is strongly recommended.