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About the A+ Stop & Shop Rewards Fundraiser
Last Year’s Earnings: $1,452.40
Program Dates: October – March  
The Stop & Shop A+ Program is an easy way to raise funds for St Luke’s School. After you register your card, each shopping trip earns CASH for our school! 

Even if you registered your card last year, you must re-register this year for our school to receive credit. Attending to this simple process makes a HUGE difference to our school.  

If you have any questions or input, please contact Tara Adams at (optimistic1970@gmail.com)
Haven’t registered?    
St Luke’s School Code: 05980
Answers to some frequently asked questions: 
Question: Who is eligible to register their cards for this fundraiser?
Answer: Anyone can register their card and indicate they are a supporter of St. Luke's School.  So we encourage all family members, Parish members and friends of St. Luke's to register.
Question: When can I register?
Answer: Registration starts at the end of August.  If you register early you will be contributing even more during the bonus period. 
Question: Does it really cost me nothing?
Answer:  We promise.  You won't spend one penny for your groceries by participating.  Stop and Shop generously grants us points for every purchase you make and converts the points to cash at the end of the fundraiser.  Just give us 5 minutes to register and the you're on your way to helping St. Luke's School!