~Lunch Duty Volunteers Needed~ 

    If your schedule allows, please consider volunteering for lunch duty at least one time per month.  You can even volunteer once or twice a year. All you have to do is contact our new lunch duty coordinator, Jaime Finn (mommafinn1972@icloud.com).  Let her know which days you prefer (example: the first Friday of every month, etc.) and she will accommodate you


    Younger siblings are welcome.


    The monthly lunch duty schedule is listed under the lunch duty drop down arrow located to the left of this page.


    Lunch Duty Hours:

    • First Lunch: Grades, PK, K, 1, & 2 (there is adequate staff coverage during this lunch - but we still need volunteers at the end of the period to wipe down the tables - at about 11:50am)

    • Second Lunch: Grades 3, 4, and 5 (12pm-12:30pm) (This lunch period has the biggest need for Volunteers)

    • Third Lunch:   Grades 6, 7, and 8 (12:30pm - 1pm)



    (may vary so please speak with lunchroom teacher for special instructions): 

    • make sure the children stay seated
    • give students permission to use the bathrooms
    • 1 volunteer to assist teachers with supervision of students in school yard (immediately following lunch)
    • 1 volunteer will stay inside to wash off tables for the next lunch