1Corinthians 12:20-25   As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.

    Welcome to the PTO of St. Luke’s School! As parents of one or more students at St. Luke’s, we are all members of this organization. Our mission fulfills three criteria:
    To encourage and promote the separate and mutual educational responsibilities of parents and teachers.
    To promote an appreciation of the ideals of Catholic education.
    To plan, support and conduct various fundraising, social and service activities to enrich curriculum and foster and maintain a sense of Christian community.
    We are a very active PTO, both in social activities and fundraising. We have to be! That’s how we are able to provide our teachers and children with quality equipment and up to date technology for their classrooms. We bring curriculum enriching programs to the school and help to defray or totally fund the cost of field trips and registration fees for our sports teams. We bring together families from all grades to share food, fun and fellowship.
    Please join us by offering your time and talent to help with one or more of our events. It’s easy to become involved! You can help with a small piece or take on the chair position for an event. No amount of work you can offer us is ever too small and is always appreciated. Take some time to browse through our committee descriptions and call or email the committee chair to offer your help.
    We thank you for your support of and commitment to St. Luke’s School.