November newsletter             NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER  
    Happy November!
    It is hard to believe that November has quickly come upon us. This so much to do in the coming month.  This is a brief overview of all that 3rd grade will be undertaking. 
    We will soon embark on a new concept in our Math curriculum-Multiplication.  In order that your child succeed in memorizing and applying these multiplication facts, please have them practice these facts as often as possible.   I will be sending home a complete list of facts, which I call "refrigerator facts".  Please place them on your refrigerator so that any time your child has a spare minute, they will be able to practice.    Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts.    It is so important that all these facts are quickly recalled.
    In Math we currently are working on money particularly counting money and making change.   We will then work on clock time, elapsed time, and reading digital and analog clocks.  
    We will continue our study of saint throughout the month of November.    Each day I read a short story depiciting the saint of the day.  Each saint's story is unique, and we remember these saints on a daily basis.
    Throughout the month of November, we will study the life cycle of corn.   We will look at the origin of the kernel dating back over 7,000 years.    To complete our life cycle unit, we will be sharing in a Thanksgiving feast.   Grade 3 will play the part of the Wampanoag Indians while Grade 2 will be the Pilgrims.   Both grades will share in a delicious feast featuring some the foods that the Inidians and Pilgrims enjoyed on the first Thanksgiving.  The menu will consist of turkey, cornbread, corn, and cranberry sauce.  This feast will take place on Tuesday, November 21st at 10AM.  The room parents will be sending home information about the items needed for the feast. 
    As the Indians for the feast, I am asking that the children dress up in simple Indian costumes.  Perhaps the boys in tan or brown pants and shirts, and the girls in a simple brown of than Indianlike sweater or dress.  We will be making some Indian jewelry and headbands in the class for those who do not have any of these essentials. We are very excited about sharing this time with our fellow Pilgrims.
    We will also be exploring the roots and customs that the Indians shared with the Pilgrims.   We will also have a very special presentation from the Haffenreffer Museums to talk to us about the lives of the Wampanoag Indians.  
    Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support.   Thank yu for the wonderful Parent Teacher Conferences.   I was very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss your child with you.   If you have any concerns going forward, please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful Halloween treats, the pumpkins, napkins, plates, and the special treats for the witches' brew.   I truly appreciate all your help! 
    I would like to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Mrs. Furtado
                                             November newsletter