• Got Grit? 
    "Grit is the most essential trait that leads to success. Grit is that hard-working, gut-driven, long-term determination that pushes us to keep at it despite long odds and failure. It’s what kept Edison working on his light bulb after 673 dead ends."
                           ~ Andrew Andestic
Einstein on problems
  • GROWING WITH GRIT & GRACE reflects the partnering of our human strengths with God's awesome and freely bestowed gifts.  When combined, we are capable of achieving our best goals and dreams!   

    GRIT is a personal quality that is key to our success in meeting life's challenges.  Grit is the effort, hard work, and persistence we put into achieving our goals.  We can develop grit by setting challenging and achievable goals and then putting the hard work into realizing them, even in the face of setbacks and failures.  

    GRACE is a powerful force and a wondrous mystery.  It is as real as the rain that falls upon all.  It is a gift freely offered to us from God.  We need only to reach out to receive it; with God's GRACE everything is possible.