• Grade 3 Supply List


       Crayons– twistables                                           

       2 lg. boxes of tissues                                           

       1 pkg. gallon size ziploc bags (girls only)            

       1 pkg. sandwich size ziploc bags (boys only)               

       12 inch ruler – metric                        


        Fine tip markers (not super tips)                                  

       2 highlighters – yellow ONLY!

       1 set of sharpened erasable colored pencils (limit 36)

       1 bottle of Purel

       2 Pentel H-Polymer Erasers

       12- #2 pencils – sharpened for first day of school

       6 two – pocket folders

       6 glue sticks (white only)

        1 package baby wipes

       1 homework folder – identifiable

       1 plastic pencil box (for crayons, scissors etc.)

       1 plastic two-pocket folder with 3 fasteners for Spanish


    Midyear - Be prepared to renew pencils and glue sticks

    Please put your child’s name on the front cover of all folders