• Spanish
    In all grades PreK through 8th grade, students are taught using Comprehensible Input, or CI. CI is language input that can be understood by listeners or readers, despite them not understanding all of the words or structures in it. Giving learners this kind of input helps them acquire language naturally, rather than learn it consciously.
    PreK through 8th grade
    We love to read Spanish or bilingual picture books. Some of our favorite authors include Susan Middleton Elya, Monica Brown, Pat Mora, and Angela Dominguez.
    We also look at authentic text and videos, infographics, language websites such as Duolingo and SpanishPlayground.net.
    We listen to authentic children's music (Jose Luis Orozco, Joel Valle), traditional music (mariachi, flamenco), and contemporary music.
    Here are some of our classes' favorite Youtube channels that we use in and out of the classroom: Calico Spanish for Kids, Spanish Playground, Senor Jordan.
    Grades 6, 7 & 8
    In addition to what is listed above, once students enter middle school, we also use the following textbook program to further our learning:
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    McDougal Littell  Houghton Internatinal Company Publishing 2000.
    ISBN 0-395-91077-3 ISBN: 978-0395-91077-1