The St. Luke's School PTO typically raises 40K each year. We are therefore able to ease the burden of parents by paying for school trips, a portion of the athletic fees for our school teams, computer equipment, a slew of Enrichment opportunities for every student as well as ministry and outreach experiences.
Here are a list of items we have committed to paying for during the 2016-17 school year (as long as we reach our goals!):
School Commitment $10,000
Sports $1,000
Enrichment  $16,000
Service Ministry $1,000
Sandwich Club $1,000
Social Activities $4,000
General Expenses $3,980


Over the last few years, we were fortunate to raise a significant amount of money over our budget and were able to make purchases for the school valuing almost $40,000! 
Here are some of the things we have been blessed to be able to purchase for the school:
8 iPads $4,000.00
Accelerated Reader Renewal   $2,515.20
Library Smart Board/Laptop Package $6,000.00
Preschool Leapfrog Leap Pad $200.00
Preschool Hard Drive $100.00
Grade 3 Math Manipulatives $90.00
Grade 3 - Set of Books on Owls $112.25
Circuit Cut Machine $250.00
Playground Goodies $100.00
World Language Room - speakers for computer $100.00
Library Furniture $5,000.00
New Reading Program $20,000.00