• The St. Luke's School PTO typically raises 40K each year. We are therefore able to ease the burden of parents by paying for school trips, a portion of the athletic fees for our school teams, computer equipment, a slew of Enrichment opportunities for every student as well as ministry and outreach experiences.
    Here are a list of items we have committed to paying for during the 2016-17 school year (as long as we reach our goals!):
    COMMITMENTS 2017-18
    Capitol Improvements $10,000.00
    Enrichment $12,155.00
    Service Ministry $1,000.00
    Sandwich Club (donation to sandwich club ministry) $1,000.00
    Social $3,750.00
    General Expenses $4,000.00
    TOTAL COMMITMENTS: $31,905.00
    Over the last several years, we were fortunate to raise a significant amount of money over our budget and were able to make purchases for the school.  Here are some of the things we have been blessed to be able to purchase for the school:
    Description Est. Amount
    Discovery Education $750.00
    Accelerated Reader $2,000.00
    Chrome Books $10,000.00
    Jr. Scholastic Magazine Subscription $250.00
    Science World Magazine Subscription $250.00
    Katie Brown Program $1,000.00
    New Smart Board $4,900.00
    Laptop for new smart board $800.00
    Accelerated Reader Renewal   $2,000.00
    Library Smart Board/Laptop Package $6,000.00
    Preschool Leapfrog Leap Pad $200.00
    8 iPads $4,000.00
    Preschool Hard Drive $100.00
    Grade 3 Math Manipulatives $90.00
    Grade 3 - Set of Books on Owls $112.25
    Circuit Cut Machine $250.00
    Playground Goodies $100.00
    World Language Room - speakers for computer $100.00
    Library Furniture $5,000.00
    New Reading Program $20,000.00