• Annawamscutt Creek Project

    STREAMing from 2011 to Present!

    Each year, the incoming 8th-grade class takes on the responsibility for the long-term stream study of Annawamscutt Creek, an urban stream that runs through Haines State Park, a short walk from our school.

    We monitor the health of the creek through chemical and physical testing as well as track the population of pollution sensitive macroinvertebrates and other wildlife in and around the stream.

    We also share the life and wonder of the creek with our preschool buddies, bringing them on special adventures to the park and creek.

    The Annawamscutt Creek Project helps us to realize some important STEAM cross-curricular goals: to act as good stewards of the environment, to appreciate the art in nature, to understand the interconnectedness of all living things, to analyze the effects of pollution on an urban creek, and to work together as a team, sharing our knowledge and appreciation of the creek with others.

  • Annawamscutt Creek where it flows under Haines State Park Road.  This is the site of our testing and sampling area.

  • Class of 2021 on the way to the Creek!

Creek Team 2020
  • Audubon Society of RI    

    In 2017, the 8th grade was awarded the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Youth in Conservation Award for the long-term study of Annawamscutt Creek and our efforts to protect the creek's habitat.

  • Class of 2015 Presentation to the Barrington Land Conservation Trust
    On June 8, 2015, representatives from the Class of 2015 reported on our year-long stream study of Annawamscutt Creek. Thank you to our students for stepping up to this challenge and representing SLS so well!