Student Supply List



    Grade 4 Supply List 2018-2019



    2  2 pocket folders


    1 3 prong poly folder for Spanish.


    2   Composition books


    1 pack of unopened WIDE-RULED leaf paper


    A large zippered pouch with the following:

    1 box of sharpened pencils (keep in box)

    1 large eraser

    1 package pencil top erasers 

    2 different colored highlighters

    4 thin dry erase markers and a small piece of cloth (for dry erase board)


    A large zippered pouch filled with the following:

    3 large glue sticks

    1 pair of scissors

    12 pack of thin markers

    24 pack of colored pencils 



    Standard/Metric ruler

    1 plain 9x12 dry erase board (labeled with name)

    Earbuds in a plastic bag (labeled with name)


    Reusable Water Bottle





    1 package of baby wipes  (lunch room)


    Hand Sanitizer


    Girls: 1 to 2  large containers of Lysol wipes


    Boys: 2 to 3 large boxs tissues