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VIP (Very Intelligent Pupils) Club!

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     Mastery Challenge Rules

    1. Find a question you want to answer.

    2. Research the answer. You may work during free time, during recess and at home. 

    3. Present your answer to your teacher before school, during snack or last 15 minutes of the day. (teacher's discretion)

    4. Students must sign up on clip board prior to presenting answers.

    5. You must memorize your answer unless stated. 

    6. Where stated, please complete work in your VIP notebook.

    6. If you do not answer correctly, you may sign up to try again.

    7. You and your teacher will be responsible for keeping track of all your finished tasks.


    Levels of Mastery Club

    Very Intelligent Pupil


    Complete 15 tasks to become a VIP!

    Complete 25 Tasks to become a Bronze - VIP

    Complete 50plus to become a Silver - VIP

    Complete all 100 to become a Gold - VIP



         All students must have completed homework and classwork to the best of their ability to work on   questions. 



    Challenge Questions