Thank you for stopping by! This is where you can find information pertaining to the Physical Education program.


    With research showing a positive correlation between physical activity and academic success, it is my personal goal to have students learn about the importance and value of participation in physical activity.
    With a combination of state standards and my own expectations, my classes are designed to help provide the proper tools and education to help students strive for a healthy lifestyle.
     While the curriculum is always evolving, I strongly believe in focusing my grading as followed:
    Attitude/Effort =70%
       *Follows game rules
       *Ready for class
       *In appropriate P.E attire (including foot ware)
    For middle school health classes, grades are based on the following:
       *Semester project =25%
       *Particapation = 25%
       *Health binder = 50% 


    I have confidence that we can accomplish any goals we set... TOGETHER !!!!