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    St. Luke's School values the importance of preparing its students to succeed in our globally interconnected and culturally diverse world. Research shows that language acquistion is most successful when instruction begins in early childhood and is sustained over a long period of time.
    Students begin an Exploratory Spanish program in pre-school and throughout their elementary school years. Students in PreK through 3rd grade have Spanish for 45-50 minutes weekly. Starting in 4th grade, students have Spanish class twice weekly at 50 minutes per class. Students graduate from St. Luke's School with a strong foundation in the language and its cultures.
    All Spanish classes strive to incorporate STREAM into their lessons. We learn about Hispanic musicians, artists and scientists. We practice age appropriate math concepts using our Spanish numbers, we make observations of the world around us using Spanish vocabulary, etc.  As part of St. Luke's School's saint study, in Spanish class, grades K-8 learn about La Virgen de Guadalupe and San Juan Diego.