The mathematics program at St. Luke’s School integrates NCTM standards and Common Core Standards.  Each grade level focuses on five domains:  

    -Number Theory, Operations and Algebraic Thinking



    -Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

    -Number Sense

    The program prepares our students to be confident and proficient in the study and application of mathematical concepts.  The objective of the program is to develop students as problem solvers and logical thinkers who can communicate mathematically and apply math concepts to real life situations.  Classes provide practical experience in essential math skills that are a bridge to the real world.  This means going beyond memorization and into the world of reasoning and problem solving.  This is done in a variety of ways including teacher-directed instruction, large and small group work, cooperative learning activities, and use of technology to reinforce, enhance and challenge students’ understanding.  Students use manipulatives, calculators and technology to aid in solving problems.

    Math teachers collaborate and communicate with each other to ensure a smooth transition from grade to grade and continuity of instruction. In the lower grades emphasis is placed on mastery of basic skills, mathematical literacy, and developing a strong number sense. The middle school program is accelerated, with all 7th grade students taking Pre-Algebra and all 8th grade students taking Algebra I.  To encourage smaller student-teacher ratios, we offer two sections of mathematics in grades 5-8.

    The broad purposes and objectives of the St. Luke’s School mathematics program reflect the mission of the school by developing logical reasoning, critical thinking, technological awareness, and cooperative problem solving.  Since mathematics is an integral part of daily life, students are equipped to function as competent, contributing members of their communities and the global society.