The art program is an integral component of the academic, religious, cultural, and social experience at St. Luke’s School.  Preschool students do not meet formally for art class, rather art is incorporated into their daily activity.  Students from kindergarten through 8th grade meet once a week.  Students are educated in the elements of art and are able to utilize various materials, techniques, and processes.  History, culture, and religion are a fundamental and intrinsic aspect to their creative experience.  The art teacher often collaborates with classroom teachers so a connection is made between art and core classes. The art studio in the Convent building enriches each child’s experience and encourages creative expression.


    The music program at St. Luke’s School is offered formally to students in kindergarten through 8th grade.  The preschool music program is integrated throughout the core curriculum.  Students in kindergarten through 8th grade meet once per week for music class.  Each class is taught a strong foundation of music elements.  The curriculum, based on Rhode Island Grade Level Expectations, features a balance of theory, expressions, and performance.  Music classes also stress an appreciation for liturgical music.