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     Campus Cuisine

    Lunches delivered fresh from local restaurants for over 25 years.

    Welcome to Campus Cuisine!  Please follow the steps below to register and order Campus Cuisine lunches.

    Monday - Barrington Pizza

    Tuesday - Panera Bread

    Wednesday - Chic Fil-A

    Thursday - Barrington Pizza

    Friday - Panera Bread

    White & Chocolate Milk are available Monday through Friday


    1.  Register at https://www.campuscuisine.net with access code SLS401.


    2.  Click students to add or edit them.  Please update the grade at the beginning of each school year!


    3.  Click Order lunches on the student profile. The deadline to order or cancel lunches is noon ET the day before.


    4  View options for Monday or click the arrow to view other weekday options.


    5.  Enter a quantity for each menu item that you wish to order and check at least one date.


    6.  Click add to cart and repeat for each student.


    7.  Click your cart and proceed to checkout.  Payment can be made via Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Facebook Pay 

    or by entering your credit card.  If you clicked to apply a credit, please be sure to complete the order, since the credit will be

    removed from your account at that time.


    8.  Once at checkout, be sure to submit your order without delay and confirm it by clicking "Calendar".  Processed orders will show

    up there.  Alternatively, you may click "lunch List" and enter a student or day of the week in the search bar to view lunches in 

    chronological order by date.


    9.  To change or cancel lunches, click "Calendar", select a lunch, and click "cancel".  You may also click "Lunch List" and "delete".

    You will receive a credit that can be applied to your next purchase.  Credits much be used to purchase other lunches, are not

    refunable and expire in June.