• Art
  • All students at St. Luke's School have additional classes that enhance the core curriculum.  Additional classes include art, music, library, world language, physical education, and health.  Technology is integrated throughout the school day. 
    Through art children learn the value of creating beautiful pieces with their own hands using a variety of artistic mediums.  Dexterity, perseverance, creativity and imagination are developed as well as an understanding of how things are created.
    Classes are held in the art studio located in the Convent building.
    The music curriculum follows the Rhode Island Music Grade Span Expectations and includes instruction in music literacy, composition, vocabulary and terminology, movement, songs and patterns, musical elements, music throughout various cultures and time periods, reading and writing music, instruments and performance.
    The library curriculum is based on the Rhode Island Educational Media Association curriculum and the National Information Library Standards. Goals of the program are to provide intellectual and physical access to a wide range of materials, provide instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading,  To this end our students learn to locate, access, use and evaluate a complex array of informational sources.  They learn to organize and synthesize data and information and use this information to create new and original products.  Students also learn to communicate the results of their research in a variety of formats.
    World Language
    Students begin to study Spanish as early as preschool.  The goal of the program is to give students an appreciation of a language and culture other than their own, and to broaden their insight into the diversity of the people of the world.  At each grade level students learn to communicate in Spanish.  They engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, and present information (both written and oral) in a language other than English.  In addition, students learn their prayers in Spanish as well.
    Physical Education
    The Physical Education program at St. Luke's follows the Rhode Island Physical Education standards.The goal of the program is for all students to have the knowledge and skills needed to lead a physically active lifestyle.
    Total integration of technology in the classroom setting will allow our students to see technology as a part of everyday life at St. Luke's.  Through classroom use of chromebooks in grades four through eight and Smart Board technology, students benefit from a blend of traditional instruction and materials mixed with interactive lessons and projects. It is our belief that the regular use of technology in the classroom will enhance both teaching and learning.