Welcome to Kindergarten


    K Dear Parents,

        This year will be a busy and exciting year for Kindergarten students. Religion is incorporated in each child's daily experience. Students will learn the alphabet and  letter sounds along with words that begin and end with each letter.  Kindergarten students will learn correct letter formation. They will also learn sight words and math concepts. Children will compare small animals as part of the “Kites” program (kits in teaching elementary science). Other areas of the curriculum include Health, Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education and Information Literacy/Library. Also as important is their social development, as they learn to get along with others by sharing and taking turns and using kind words.

        Kindergarten students will be bringing home a folder that they will use every day to send notices and homework to and from school. Students also need a yoga mat to use during rest time. Rest time will consist of listening to books on tape while the children lie on their yoga mats.

        Each day one student will be the “Helper of the Day.” He or she will sit next to the teacher and assist during circle time when we discuss the calendar, weather and our schedule for the day. They will also be the line leader on that day and help out with other chores. On Mondays Kindergarten students will visit the Library. Tuesdays the children will have Physical Education. Please dress your child in their P.E. uniform every Tuesday. Wednesday mornings will be their Art time. On Thursdays students will have Music class and Fridays will be their Spanish time.

        Kindergarten students will have recess from 10:15 to 10:30 each morning, then have snack and lunch will be  from 11:30 until 12:00. Afternoon recess will be around 12:45. We will be going outside for recess (weather permitting), please dress your child accordingly (i.e. jackets, hats, mittens, etc.).

        Students will have "show and tell" once a week.  Children may bring in one item to share with the class. There will be a label inside each child’s folder indicating which day is theirs for show and tell.

        If there is any change in transportation from school, please send in a note. We will assume dismissal is the usual unless a note is received. Students taking the bus  will be dismissed to the bus from the back hallway on the first floor. The children attending the extended day program will go to the auditorium/gym. Students who will be picked up will be dismissed through the middle doors of the school.

         The week that homework begins a schedule will be sent home every Monday, which will list all the assignments for that week. This schedule will become routine very soon! Any other information regarding Kindergarten or school events will also be indicated on the homework sheet. This information will also be posted on the Kindergarten webpage (www.stlukesri.org).

            Mrs. Paula Bucci is the teaching assistant in Kindergarten during the morning hours. She will be  with the children  assisting in the classroom as well as supervising during morning recess and at lunchtime. 

       If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a note or email me.  I will arrange to meet with you before or after school if further discussion is needed. We are all looking forward to a great school year!