•                                        Welcome to Mrs. Furtado's 3rd Grade Class
    Some of the areas we will explore in Grade 3 are discussing the clever antics of Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.  We will study the life structure of spiders and explore and grow plants in the classroom.  We will learn and discover how whales live in pods and how owls sleep all night and hunt all day.  We will learn cursive handwriting, multiplication and division.  We will sing in the choir for monthly masses and study the life of many different saints.  We will also take an exciting trip through Rhode Island and then zoom into space. 
    Grade Three is filled with many wonderful adventures, and I am sure that you will have fun and learn at the same time.
    We will begin the year by sharing our experiences while reading Charlotte's Web.   
     Grade 3 will be a fun, learning, and prayerful year. 
    Mrs. Furtado