Mrs O'Hanley, First Grade Teacher



       First grade is an exciting year to learn, explore and engage through a new and exciting curriculum centered around STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math). Other areas of concentration will include; Art, Music, Spanish, Library and Physical Education.

       First graders will learn various reading strategies to improve fluency and comprehension as part of the Wonders (McGraw Hill) Literacy series. Math instruction will include number sense, various methods to add and subtract to 20, money, time, geometry and data/graphing.

       Our Science/Social Studies program focuses on plant life, animal habitats, and weather. Each year, first graders will particpate in the "Chick Project" where we will hatch chicks in the Spring and community building.

       At the beginning of the year we meet our 7th grade buddies who we sit with at monthly school Masses, as well as fun activities throughout the year!

       First grade is a wonderful year to learn and grow through Jesus!